EV battery service

The future of automotive aftermarket for individual and institutional EV users.
Purchase, diagnostics, repair and storage of batteries.
Retrofit concepts for commercial vehicles and buses.

Conversion ICE -> EV

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Our EV battery service includes:

Checking the battery condition of a used car, before the planned purchase, after purchase, after bringing home from abroad, after an accident.
Battery repair by identifying a damaged cell or other element and replacing it with a new or regenerated one.
Purchase, diagnostics, repair 
and storage of batteries.
Restoring the battery capacity 
by slow charging and its balancing.
Repair of BMS systems.

Cars’ conversions from combustion engines to electric powertrains – retrofit:

  • Retrofit – conversion from ICE to EV for commercial vehicles and buses
  • New diagnostics tools and equipment
  • Aftermarket technical solutions
  • Trainings

The offer is aimed at:

  • Individual owners and future owners of EVs – Electric Vehicle (BEV, PHEV, HEV).
  • Institutional EV users.
  • Independent car services and dealerships, wanting to expand their portfolio of services.
  • Importers – vehicle manufacturers.
  • Private importers of used vehicles.


While investing its resources and energy, Evorkshop is looking for potential partners, clients and suppliers to create sustainable business in EV aftermarket, based on traditional structures, practice and experience as much as on ultra modern business concepts and new technological solutions.

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