If you own, use, or think about buying a BEV car (but also PHEV or HEV hybrids), you may have doubts about checking the condition of the batteries, their possible repair, servicing, replacement of BMS components or refreshing the battery, which during operation slowly loses its capacity. In fact, batteries also need to be maintained and serviced throughout the life of the car, just like we care for the brakes or suspension. 

EVORKSHOP will help you in these treatments thanks to the most up to date, unique technology, devices, and networks of cooperating services.

What may happen to a BEV user is, for example: 

  • loss of battery capacity with its age,
  • damage to the cell or cells, because of which the entire Battery Pack ceases to function, 
  • damage to BMS components,
  • the need to check the condition of the Battery Pack after a possible collision, 
  • the need to dispose of the battery when the vehicle is withdrawn from use

In all these cases, EVORKSHOP offers proven solutions. With the help of developed technology and devices, we are able not only to check the efficiency of each cell (not even the module, but the cells themselves!). It is like being able to check each of those AA battery from the Mercedes), but also to replace the damaged cells from a given module. In this way, the cost of a repair is limited to replacing small parts, including remanufactured parts, instead of replacing the entire Battery Pack. 

If the entire set of batteries is functional, but has a smaller capacity caused by the disbalance of the cells self-discharge (like batteries in our laptops), we can use special charging procedures and software to recover remaining battery capacity, sometimes it can be even 20-40% of the range of the electric car.

Here is how it can be solved: 

  1. Native vehicle’s BMS (Battery Management System) would be able to go through the same process – but it would last few weeks, because the native BMS system balancing process is designed to equalize the cells in the car which is used on the daily basis. Every charging cycle is finished with the cell-balancing process which can manage some of the single hundredths of battery capacity.
  2. Our EV’s Battery Recovery device can manage battery balancing over few hours instead of few weeks.
  3. Above all – during the service process each single battery cell will be diagnosed and in case of necessity -replacement procedure can be advised. Usually – the battery does not break as complete system, failure of one single cell can create the capacity “bottle-neck” situation. If one cell in the system will fail – this cell will be charged as the first one and discharged as first one and we will face the situation where complete battery pack’s capacity is proportionally limited to the remaining capacity of the weakest cell in the system. 

This action has a deep economic and environmental sense, the user does not throw away the battery, does not pay for a new one, but repairs the existing one, which is several times cheaper. 

It is similar with BMS elements and sensors. Some we can repair, others replace with regenerated or used, coming from functional BMS remaining after the disposal of the rest of the Battery Pack. 

And finally, we help in the management of batteries from damaged, scrapped and end-of-life vehicles. We will buy them from you, and we will repair them. We want the circular economy to become a reality in this respect. 

We will take care of your car in the best services for electric and electrified vehicles (hybrids).

Our offer includes: 

  • Checking the battery condition of a used car, before the planned purchase, after purchase, after bringing home from abroad, after an accident, 
  • Battery repair by identifying a damaged cell or other element and replacing it with a new or regenerated one, 
  • Restoring the battery capacity by slow charging and balancing, 
  • Repair of BMS systems, 
  • Purchase, diagnostics, repair, and storage of batteries, 
  • Conversions of diesel LCV and busses into EV. 

Our battery service offer is aimed at: 

  • Individual owners and future owners of EVs – Electric Vehicle (BEV, PHEV, HEV) 
  • Institutional EV users, 
  • Independent car services and dealerships, wanting to expand their portfolio of services, 
  • Importers – vehicle manufacturers, 
  • Private importers of used vehicles. 

Battery service 

These services are carried out physically at a net of services cooperating with EVORKSHOP throughout the country, but if a repair is necessary at the company’s service center, we guarantee the safe transport of the entire Battery Pack or modules, using a vehicle designed only for this purpose. The entire procedure for disassembling of the Battery Pack, transportation to the service site, testing, repairing, and reassembling is described in detail. We have developed our own tools, assembly, and transport tables (a set of batteries can weight several hundred kg), devices for safe battery discharge and recharging. The services cooperating with us, and their employees have all the necessary qualifications and have undergone a series of trainings, so that your car is in safe hands, and the hands of these employees are also safe. 

A sample of a service flow:

  1. Notification of a service need in our EMobility Center. 
  2. Arranging a visit at a garage or transport of the vehicle to cooperating repair shop. 
  3. The garage stuff performs an initial assessment and, if necessary, disassembles the Battery Pack, and then connects the device for remote diagnostics. 
  4. If the task cannot be performed remotely, our Mobile Service will come to the workshop and repair it on site or transport the modules to the EMobility Center. 
  5. After repair, the batteries are safely transported to the service point and installed in the vehicle. 
  6. The final mechanical and software control of the vehicle takes place, and it is delivered to the customer. 

Sale of spare parts and accessories to EV

The offer of spare parts is constantly expanding. Here you will find, among others, charging cables as well as cells and complete battery modules with a certificate of their condition. 

Trainings for car services in the use of electric vehicles

We organize training courses in the field of EV servicing, with particular emphasis on safety standards for the operation of high-voltage battery packs, for the services cooperating with EVORKSHOP and for all those who are willing. 

Purchase of used battery modules

Anyone who has a problem with the disposal of used cells, modules or the entire Battery Pack can easily solve it by contacting us. Each module presented to us will be separately checked and priced. 

Storage of battery modules at the customer’s request, including control and maintenance of their condition.

We also offer the storage of modules or entire sets of batteries for a fixed period. We have a safe warehouse, a safe vehicle for transporting batteries and a system for checking and charging modules to keep them in the best condition. If the customer does not find an application for the stored batteries at the agreed time, we offer their repurchase or transport to the dedicated place. 

Conversion of ICE cars into electric ones

A special part of our activity is the conversion of combustion vehicles into electric vehicles (light vans and buses). With our own R&D department and our own technical solutions in the field of engines, inverters, and chargers, we can transform your diesel or gasoline vehicle into an ecological, quiet, cheap, and very efficient vehicle with an electric motor.