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Evorkshop works with experienced in European aftermarket managers, investors and partners. The key managers are experts in automotive market with 30 years of experience in distribution of spare parts, garage networks organisation, heavy duty vehicles business and fleet servicing.

By working within multinational automotive industry and international trading groups, as well as participating in different aftermarket business projects our managers prove to be the right people to take care of new EV business.


Bogumił Papierniok

Engaged in automotive independent aftermarket since 1993, especially in the area of parts distribution and garage concepts. Highly experienced in product management and international supply chain. For years MD and COO at one of the biggest Polish spare parts distributor Moto-Profil.

Supported national Association of Automotive Spare Parts Distributors and Producers (SDCM) as a consultant and member of the board. Active in European distributors’ association FIGIEFA as an expert on behalf of TEMOT International.

Since 2002 working closely with TEMOT, three times in a raw as a member of Products and Suppliers Council, in 2019-2020 also as a member of Supervisory Board of TI.

Offers consultation services in area of IAM within “”

Mariusz Dankowski

Since 1990 an active investor and responsible manager in various aftermarket projects, including wholesale distribution of spare parts, an International Trading Group activity /Groupauto Polska/and national Association of Automotive Spare Parts Distributors and Producers (SDCM).

Graduated from Warsaw University, Theory of Economics and Sociology Departments, and Polish Institute of International Affairs, has work experience in different professional areas, including journalism, ministerial job in foreign affairs , corporate career in aftermarket global car parts manufacturer business and presiding over aftermarket distributor and workshop networks.

Recently engaged in a number of successful ASSAY Group startup projects as an active investor.

Engineering Team

Przemysław Rozmysłowicz

Chief Engineer Officer. Design engineer with many years of experience in R&D projects in the field of electromobility. Responsible for overseeing companies implementing energy storage systems, electric drives and fast-charging devices.

Paweł Drozd

Technician with extensive experience in battery swapping. Upgraded dozens of battery packs and prepared almost 20 software integrations with different car models.